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Restored kitchen at Rancho Los Alamitos

Rancho Los Alamitos is among those honored by Long Beach Heritage with a 2017 Preservation Award for Restoration.

Restoration awards recognize projects that focus on historical accuracy by accurately recovering the form, significant features and details of a particular time period.

Rancho Los Alamitos Restoration of the Kitchen Areas and the Cook’s Bedroom - Pamela Young Lee

Curator Pam Lee guided detailed historical examination before returning the kitchen and cook’s bedroom to their conditions in the late 1920s and 30s. Through a combination of repair, replication and relocation of accoutrements from the Rancho collection, she has provided a delightful glimpse into the orderly activities of the “behind-the- scenes” help as well as their employers.


Pam Lee Headshot

Pamela Young Leehas been named Associate Director for the Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation by a unanimous and enthusiastic vote of the Board of Trustees effective October 1, 2016.

Ms Lee will provide support for Pamela Seager, Executive Director, as the institution moves through Phase III of the seismic strengthening of the ranch house, organizational development and other projects.

(Yes! There are two dynamic women named Pamela at the reins on the ranch!)

Press Release


Pamela Young Lee    

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Congratulations to Rancho Los Alamitos for earning a 2014 Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Award!

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