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Virtual Tovaave: A Tongva Cultural Program
Aweeshkone xaa, 'ekwaa'a xaa
“I’m happy you’re here.”


Welcome to Povuun’nga (pronounced: POOH-VOONG-NAH), the sacred site of creation for the local Tongva-Gabrielino peoples. The Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation is honored to partner with the Tongva community in caring for this ancient gathering place.

We welcome you to join us in educating local youth about the significance of our indigenous heritage. The Tovaave field trip has been reimagined in response to the COVID-19 pandemic but it continues to center on the vibrant culture and history of the indigenous peoples of the Los Angeles Basin. 

The virtual Tovaave Program includes a Teacher Orientation video and a series of four short student videos. All videos are under 10 minutes in length and include supporting learning materials. The program’s key message is about reciprocity: Never take more than you need, and always give back. 

1. Honuukvetam (Ancestors)
2. ‘Weere ‘Eyootax Pomoohiinkem Xaa (“We are all each other’s relatives”) 
3. Kaaw Maxaaro  (“Let’s give, let’s exchange, let’s share”)
4. Kikiiy (“Community” and “Refocusing your cultural lens”)







Please contact schools@RanchoLosAlamitos.org for instructions about accessing the Virtual Tovaave Program for your class. Thank you for your interest!

Look closely. Do you see the shells in the background? These are from the “shell midden” or “kitchen midden” at Povuun’nga. For thousands of years, when people ate shellfish from nearby coastal waters, they discarded the shells here.  


Rancho Los Alamitos' 2022-23 school tours are made possible in part by
The Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller Foundation and the Bess. J. Hodges Foundation.

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